Dental implants in Medellin, a smiling city!



Enjoy, discover and spend a good time while traveling across Colombia with the money you will save

Super Quick

We have our own dental laboratory and we work accordingly to our patient travel schedule

Very Low Cost

You can save a huge amount of money if you compare with getting the same treatment in USA or Canada

High Quality

We use the best quality in our dental implants, beside they are made by an north american company

Dental Clinic

Our clinic have all we could need to complete the treatment; therefore, we do not depend of third parties

Ready to travel and get new smile?

Dental Implants in Medellin

About us

We are an efficient team with more than 25 years of experience providing high-quality and low-cost dental implants and smile designs in Colombia. Our mission, led by Dr. Adolfo Gallego and Dr. Mauricio Gallego, is to use our knowledge and experience to improve your quality of life through your smile and a healthy mouth. Come to Medellín and come back home with a new smile!

Hospitality & Health

Our team assists our clients to find the most suitable hotel according to their needs.

Request more information and rates by sending us an e-mail where our agent can see possible dates, number of travel partners.

What to Do

Our agent will assist you in planning your oral care vacation in Colombia. 

  1. Ask your insurance company if it covers dental care abroad.
  2. Message us with a brief description of your oral care goal and dates.
  3. Wait for our answer indicating the next step.